Twinkle's Toy Store


This shop is full of toys that are powered by imagination and invite kids to create, build and pretend.  Twinkle’s Toy Store is the only place in Lincoln to find many of these entertaining educational toys. If you enjoyed playing with something on the Lincoln Children’s Museum floor, chances are you can find something like it in at the store including our famous Graftobian face paints! The best part is all proceeds go back to the Museum to ensure the next generation has a place to learn through the power of play. There is no admission fee to visit Twinkle’s Toy Store and it is open during Museum hours. If you can’t find what you are looking for, just talk to Twinkle about ordering it!

Featured Products


This fun building set uses a smart magnetic design that lets kids create 3D structures.

Face Paint

These face paints, as used by the Museum, are great for birthday parties, special school events, or just playing at home. They come in a variety of colors or even a starter set to start your own collection.

Pizza Parlor Set

Momma Mia! Made from safe and recycled materials, our 27 piece Pizza Parlor set from Green Toys is dishwasher safe and pieces are even interchangeable with our fellow salad and sandwich sets too.

Keva Planks

You build structures by simply stacking the planks. No glue, no connectors.

Piggy Paint

Made from natural ingredients, Piggy Paint is a non-toxic, water-based nail polish that comes in a variety of fun and vibrant colors.

Fun Slides Carpet Skates

Strap 'em on and away you go! Get ready for fun-powered glide on carpet -- works on any type of carpet. One size fits all. Sleek, silver color for ultimate lightning gliding!