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LCM Camp Play | Session & Safety Statements

Join us for one week, multiple weeks, or all summer long...Camp Play is a place where we can all belong!  With fun weekly themes that are sure to excite, our time together is sure to be bright.  So pick your dates and sign up today, your kids will cheer and shout hooray!!

We take our camp responsibility seriously...the responsibility to provide a safe, healthy, and FUN environment where you kids can jive and thrive from the moment they arrive.  And we can't wait to be part of your Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall - no matter the season, there's a camp for it all!

Summer 2021


Why Lincoln Children's Museum?

1. It’s highly regarded- Lincoln Children’s Museum has been providing quality early childhood educational programming for 29 years so we’ve learned what kids like and also what they need. We strive every day to learn more about early childhood development standards and best practices so we can pass those along to your children in camps, daily programming and more.

2. It’s Downtown- Especially if you work in the downtown area, our location makes it easy for you to drop off and pick up your kids without venturing outside of the heart of the city.

3. It’s HUGE- Your kids get 26,000+ square feet to explore and play in throughout each day at the Museum, including an hour of free play on the Museum floors.

4. It’s educational- Every day includes instruction in topics you’ll find on educational standards for each grade and your child will go away with a newfound appreciation for lots of topics they might never have known about before.

5. It’s not weather-dependent- Nebraska weather is unpredictable, and it makes outdoor plans pretty difficult. No matter the weather though, your kids will still get tons of active play at the Museum since we’re inside away from rain, cold, heat, snow or bugs.

6. It’s high-quality- Our education staff are highly trained and educated, many in the field of early childhood education, and they also care deeply about your child’s well-being and health.

7. It’s a great value- Your children are getting childcare and so much more every time they come through our doors for camp. They often are exposed to many of our community partners who do guest activities in our camps, they are able to meet new friends from outside of their school and make lifelong friendships, and they are able to burn off energy while engaging in the power of play.

If you have any questions about camp, please email

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