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Great for All Ages

There's something for everyone at Lincoln Children's Museum. Our 23,000 square feet of exhibit space includes great options for kids ages 0-100. They can start off in the Grow Zone, a space specifically designed for 0-3 year olds with exhibit pieces designed just with their specific developmental needs in mind. We are very careful with washing and sanitizing toys in this area constantly, since we know that little ones love to test out everything with their mouths! This area is also gated off from the rest of the exhibit floor, so your toddler won't accidentally make their way out with the big kids. 

Once your little one is mobile and ready to explore, Tiny Town is the perfect place to do it. We have lots to keep any kiddo interested, from a kid-sized Union Bank, to the Hy-Vee, and even a Kimmel Apple Orchard. The whole main floor is our kid-sized town that helps shrink down the world for kids so it's easier to navigate and comprehend. Along the way they'll have a chance to pretend to be a firefighter, a doctor, a police officer and much more!

Head on upstairs for a chance to test out all kinds of transportation, from the BNSF train exhibit, to the Lunar Lander and of course, our very own Sky High Airport. This space also includes our Artist's Studio that has constantly rotating arts and crafts activities that you can make with your kiddo and take home at the end of the day. Don't forget to visit the pin-screen too, a huge family favorite!

Downstairs we have some of the most active of our exhibits, from the 3-story Cuckoo Clock climber, to the prairie dog tunnels and water exhibit, the lower level is filled with places for kids to get energy out and have fun while doing it. Our performing arts stage is perfect for your little performers, and our Marilyn R. Gorham Discovery Gallery is a constantly rotating space with something new throughout the year.

See below for further descriptions and pictures of our space. Truly it is a magic place for all kids, no matter their age!

Exhibits in the Museum

Cuckoo Construction presented by Hausmann Construction

Cuckoo Construction, presented by Hausmann Construction, is our largest exhibit yet, a clock towering three stories from the lower level of the Museum all the way to the top floor. The foreman is a little cuckoo, chiming in with jokes on the hour and making walls of foam bricks come tumbling down every fifteen minutes. Let your little worker help build the walls by sending bricks up the conveyor belt. After the walls are built, they can slide down the material chute just in time to have the foam bricks fall from the cuckoo tower. The brick fall is a definite crowd pleaser!

Lower Level

The lower level of the Museum is filled with crowd favorites!

Grab a costume and jump onstage at the Performing Arts Center. Choose your backdrop, set the lights, and watch your performance unfold on the television monitor above. 

Prefer to stay behind the scenes? Choose one of our many puppets and put on a special show at the Puppet Theater.

There's plenty more to explore in the prairie dog tunnels (a kid favorite!). Dig your way to some real, active fun in these interconnected tunnels near the base of the Museum's apple tree. 

Build away in our Lincoln Logs space that documents the world record breaking creation we had at the Museum in 2013.

Make a splash in our water exhibit! Watch the rain fall from the clouds above and build dams to hold the water back.

Main Level

Tiny Town reinforces the fact that in this museum, kids rule!

It features a Farm and Kimmel Family Apple Orchard exhibit located adjacent to the Hy-Vee Grocery Store to reinforce farm-to-table connections.

Union Bank, with its real vacuum tubes, allows play money to be exchanged between teller and customer.

Inside the Pizzeria, kids learn about math and fractions as they slice up whole pizzas to serve.

At Tracy's Collision Center, kids get their hands dirty tuning up a car and applying new paint jobs.

In Tiny Town, kids can zip to the rescue on a Harley Davidson police motorcycle, thanks to Frontier Harley Davidson; drive a refurbished Lincoln Fire & Rescue firetruck with a loyal dalmatian in the passenger seat, and make life-saving medical discoveries inside Bryan Health Center.

Kids can even experience what it's like to visit the dentist at our Lincoln Pediatric Dentistry exhibit, complete with a moose patient and sample x-rays!

Grow Zone is a calm little garden that encourages the growth of our youngest guests (ages 0-3). If toddlers brave the noodle forest, they will be rewarded with an exciting ride down the slide. Be careful though, they may never want to stop!

Tiny Town wouldn't be complete without a Husker Sports Area!

There's plenty to see and do in Tiny Town. Come check it out!

Upper Level

Blast off from the top floor of the Museum! 

Head to outer space in the Lunar Lander, or patrol the surface of a new planet in the Lunar Rover. Be sure to suit up before the launch sequence.

Take to the rails as a conductor in our BNSF train. Blast the horn as you take control of this mighty beast.

The Sky High Airport offers the latest in first-class travel. Hop into our real-life Cessna or our low-flying Puddle Jumper. Afraid of flying? There's still plenty you can do from the ground, manning the controls in our traffic control station or taking the wheel of the luggage shuttle.

Our wonderful apple tree reaches all the way to this floor. Climb through its branches and be sure to play with our massive pin board (another kid favorite!).

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