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Our Cleaning Philosophy

To ensure that your kiddos are creating, discovering, learning, and playing in a healthy environment we have, not just now, but always adopted an unwavering commitment to cleanliness.  As an organization that focuses on children, we think it’s SO important to make sure you as caregivers know that we as an organization care as much about your children’s health as you do!

We work diligently to make sure that processes, procedures, and trainings are in place surrounding health, wellness, and cleanliness in all aspects of the museum.

Our Heightened-Awareness Cleaning Process – COVID19

With the continued Coronavirus concern in our community and around the world, we would like to share our increased efforts in keeping our community and museum healthy.

Since voluntarily closing on March 13th for social distancing and to help mitigate community spread of the virus, the entire museum (including all props as well as public and non-public areas) continue to be deep cleaned and disinfected.  Starting June 1st we began our journey towards re-inviting kids back to the museum in some very measured and structured ways.  As we offer these and other in-person play opportunities, we will provide a customized list of health and safety guidelines for each.

Please visit our Re-Opening and In-Person Play page for more information on public visits.  And visit our Camp page for more information on our week-long day camp visits.

We are also in ongoing communication with the Lincoln/Lancaster County Health Department (LLHD) and Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) and will take their lead on any actions, directions, or precautions that are provided as we continue to monitor this evolving situation.

We have a number of dedicated cleaning staff members, as well as a dedicated staff from a commercial cleaning company who value the health of our kiddos and community and strive to keep the museum in the cleanest possible state.  Their priority is sanitizing and disinfecting all exhibits, associated props, food and snack areas, common areas, and bathrooms on a regular basis using safe and approved materials and solutions.  Surface and spot cleaning (as well as formal cleanliness checks) take place daily and during open museum hours.  Deep cleaning occurs after hours.

In addition, our Playologists and other museum staff are tasked with ensuring all spills, grime, “accidents”, or leftover items on the museum floor are taken care of immediately and appropriately.  They receive training on how to clean different types of spills and messes and are one of our first lines of defense against mess on the museum floor.

Kazoo’s U-STOP café is pridefully managed, maintained, and cleaned with regard to all food handling and cleanliness rules and regulations set out by the Department of Health and Human Services.  We strive to go above and beyond the minimum requirements set and implement a strict reporting policy regarding illness (and in times of coronavirus potential symptoms and/or exposure).  (PLEASE NOTE:  Kazoo's U-Stop Cafe will be closed beginning 11-7-2020.  With the dial in red, we want to ensure that all guests are wearing their masks for the entirety of their visit, as opposed to removing while eating and drinking.)

Partnering Together

Healthy practices make for healthy environments and partnering together makes keeping a healthy museum environment easier.

If someone in your home is displaying symptoms of coronavirus or any other illness, we ask that you keep your child(ren) home until symptoms desist and then for a duration of time advised by your doctor, the Center For Disease Control (CDC) and the Lincoln/Lancaster County Health Department (LLCHD).  Also, when talking together about their upcoming visit to the museum, please remind children often that while they are here they should be:

  • keeping six feet distance
  • wearing a mask
  • tightly covering coughs and sneezes
  • keeping hands away from their faces and away from other kids
  • washing or sanitizing hands after coughing, sneezing or blowing your nose
  • washing or sanitizing hands before and after eating
  • washing and sanitizing hands after bathroom breaks

Please practice the above hygiene acts often at home.  Complete Children’s Health sponsors hand sanitizer and dispensers that can be found in multiple spots throughout all play areas and we will require hand washing as appropriate through our programming; however, nothing takes the place of good habits made at home by practicing!

Thank you in advance for helping us keep the museum a fun, healthy place to Create, Discover, and Learn through the Power of Play!

For More Information

To learn more about best practices, health, and wellness in and around our community take a look at these great resources:

          Center for Disease Control – Handwashing: A family Activity

          Center for Disease Control – Coughing and Sneezing

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